With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the end of the year fast approaching, I just wanted to share with you a conversation I have dozens of times a week…should I wait until after the holidays to list my home?

While some people may be under the misconception that the holidays are a bad time to sell, I’d like to give you three reasons why the holidays are actually one of the best times to list your home:

“Home buyers are more serious during the holidays. We all have better things to do.”

  1. The Tampa Market is very active in November and December. While the number of actual showings might be fewer, the buyers this time of year are serious. Whether it’s people visiting the area for the holidays looking to buy and only a few days to decide, in-town buyers who have the time off work to shop for homes, buyers that need to close on a home before the end of the year so that they can claim a homestead exemption, or buyers moving here to start new jobs in January, you can rest assured that the people who are out home-shopping now aren’t just tire-kickers.
  2. You will face less competition during the holidays. Because so many sellers take their homes off the market during the holidays, you will have fewer homes on the market to compete with if you choose to list now. Once we hit the first of the year, there will be a flood of new inventory that hits the market.
  3. We can restrict showings for you during the holidays. If you have company coming in or out of your house during certain days, we will have no problem working around your schedule. We can also postpone a closing to keep you in your home until after the holidays if need be as well.

We are working throughout the holidays, so if capturing the holiday market is something you think you may be interested in, or you have any other questions, I’d love to hear from you. Call or email. We’d be happy to help you!